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HRS GROUP BD gives top quality services with a reasonable price. We tenderly care about our clients, specially their security. The generator that sets security guard different from other service providers is our secretary. Each and every officer is held to an honored of excellence to ensure a parity of professionalism that will meet or overcome the expectations of every client.

Our direction is based on the following theory:

  • A Security Officer on-site liable for safety action.
  • Employees are learned to treat your client with respect and reverence.
  • The Security cane will apprise with you and your cane effectively to make out the goal of having a safe work condition.
  • Our security office-bearers are required to serve a Yearly training class on morals, rush control, in addition to keep up training that is site earmarked.

 Security Guards Responsibilities:

 The safety guards are often mentioned to keep up order at large recruitment’s, such as diplomatic rallies, religious assemblies and even parties. This is to hold down the surety of people and substances and to confine riots or other hazardous situation from occurring.

Following series Security guards are sometimes expected to follow particular procedures and policies established by his owner, such as searching visitors before entering in a building or ignoring entry to new comers without a before appointment. These orders are well recorded and each officer is fully learned on how to inure them without questions.

Regard and report a surety guard must continue to observe everything going on in the venue to confirm that there is nothing else conspiring and to prevent any more problems. After a crisis occurs, he should report the details of the conflict back to his manager, to rule enforcement or the appropriate authorities. This helps the occupation understand what occurred, defend them selves legally, and use this information to help moderate it from happening further in the future.

Be on the awake and alert a security guard will be on the lookout for any odd or strange behavior/event that could indicate harm. This is why it is vital that he have a very good sense of smell as well as excellent hearing and eyesight. For example, he might be able to smell a chemical leaking or a cable burning and know which direction the smell is coming from. He could also be able to detect when something sounds off or strange. They use this knowledge to stay alert and non-retroactive in sight, responding quickly to any exigency situation with proper fetch and series. Maximum convicted people like shoplifters, cracks-man, Capricorn and others would rehear if they notice a security guard walking around on duty. This is referred to as a “visible obstruction”.

​Our goal is to provide high quality professional services that will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our security guards are well educated and acknowledge that they do not just represent Care – Force but you, the client, as well. You can be ensured that our maintenance guards will give actual services while always maintaining a supreme treatment and a vocational modest demeanor.

Every year businesses lose money due to theft. We feel that internal and external theft unfortunately occurs in every enterprise, but taking advantage of our services will greatly raise your chances of maintaining profitability. We have our company’s presence at your business will make people think twice before lifting your hard-earned wealth. Our maintenance guards have the training needed to protect your company’s commodities. We comprehend that every association has several needs, some demand more security guard presence than others.  Call us for a free consultation at +880-1712602485.  We are always ready to help you with all safety guard needs!

We are skilled in providing security guard services for both long and short periods. We are Available 24 hours also for part-time or on an incidental basis, the guards are highly-trained to provide upper service to any client they worship.

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